When people ask me which Domain Name Registrar I use and I tell them I use Namecheap, I usually get a laugh. Don't let the name fool you. Aside from the fact that Domain Name Registration through them is indeed inexpensive, their service is definitely not "cheap"!

Namecheap.com - The hassle-free way to buy domains and hosting online

On the Namecheap homepage, they state Once you go Namecheap, you never go back. I can definitely vouch for this statement.

Once you go Namecheap, you never go back.

Like many, I previously used GoDaddy as my Domain Registrar of choice. A few years ago when GoDaddy went through their SOPA fiasco, I started to look for alternatives. Not only did Namecheap come highly recommended but they made their position on SOPA clear right from the get go. Alright, the SOPA stance is all good but what makes their service stand out?

User Experience

Anyone who has ever used the GoDaddy website knows what I'm talking about when I say it is a nightmare in usability. A simple process of registering a domain is a walk through a jungle of multiple offers to buy or upgrade services and add-ons.

When I register a domain through Namecheap, it is not only clean but very usable.

Search for the domain

The search for your desired domain is very straightforward. You enter the name and select an extension. The results show whether the domain you entered is available along with other popular extensions.
Domain search results

For cases when your desired domain is not available, there is a useful list of suggestions that appears beside the search results. This feature is great because the suggestions actually do make sense and is not a list of complete gibberish.
Domain suggestions

If you are like me, sometimes you will keep switching words around and lose track of some of the searches you entered previously. The My Shortlist feature is nice because it allows you to "bookmark" domain names that you may want to remember for future sessions.
Domain shortlist

Add to shopping cart

Once you add a product to the shopping cart, you are presented with a small set of unobtrusive upgrades and everything, including the price, is clearly presented.

Shopping Cart


There is nothing ground breaking when it comes to Namecheap's checkout process and this is a good thing! You enter your credit card info, or use the express checkout, and you are done! Anyone who has done online shopping knows that there is nothing more frustrating than to be presented with offer after offer before you could even enter a credit card number.

Domain Transfers

Namecheap has many benefits to transfer a domain to their service. In fact, there are too many for me to list here but I will highlight a few that swayed me.

  1. Free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection: Don't want your personal contact information to be harvested by spammers? WhoisGuard protects you and it comes free for 1 year with Namecheap!
  2. A year extension on your domain name registration: If you have remaining time on your domain with your current registrar, it will be transferred and Namecheap will extend your domain for one year!
  3. Risk-Free: Something goes wrong with the transfer? Full refund.
  4. No transfer fee: No hidden fees when it comes to the transfer process.

I highly recomment visiting Namecheap's Domain Transfer page for full details.

When I left GoDaddy and started transfering all of my domains to Namecheap, I was initially hesitant at starting the task. Fortunately for me, Namecheap has a good knowledge base which includes an article on how to transfer a domain from GoDaddy.

Cost-effective Products and Services

As stated at the beginning of this post, Namecheap not only has competitive prices for the domain name registrations but they also have very competitive prices for other products and services.

  1. Affordable SSL: On this blog, I use Namecheap's Comodo SSL Certificate offering. Namecheap periodically has special offers which reduce their pricing even more.
  2. Affordable Web Hosting: I personally use WebFaction for my web hosting (reviewed here) so I can't comment on Namecheap's web hosting. However, if Namecheap's hosting packages are as good as the rest of their services, I might have to give it a shot at some point. At $3.48/month for their lowest package, it definitely wouldn't hurt!


For the past couple of years, I've had nothing but positive experiences with Namecheap. I highly recommend them to my peers and anyone looking to get incredible services for affordable prices. I can confidently say that Namecheap definitely lives up to their name and in a good way!

Disclosure: I personally use Namecheap as my Domain Registrar for many of my websites and applications. I do not work for Namecheap and the opinions expressed here are my own. With that said, I have included some affiliate links that can be used to help cover some of my hosting costs. Please do use them if you find this review helpful!